Blue Heron Acres

American Wagyu Beef & Berkshire Pork

  • Pasture Raised, Grass Fed Beef, Dry Aged for 21 days
  • Beef & Pork are Grain Finished
  • No Hormones or Steroids
  • No Antibiotics
  • No Animal By-Products

Beautiful Marbling!

Welcome to Blue Heron Acres!

Our Bull

Our herds have a nice life here. They are bred, born and raised on our 350 acre farm in Northeast Pennsylvania, just below the New York State border. The cattle range freely on our pastures throughout the year and winter in the open eating our home grown hay. Steers eat our lush grass for 18 -24 months before being finished on our custom mix of grains for at least 6 - 12 months. After finishing, they travel 2 miles down the road to Bryan's Meat Cutting, a USDA Inspected, family-run processing facility. We Dry Age for a minimum of 21 days before Dan cuts them up to our precise specifications. Finally, they are immediately flash frozen and vacuum sealed. The results are spectacular.

Berkshire Pork, sometimes referred to as Kurobuta Pork, is the “Kobe beef of the pork world”. The meat is heavily marbled and incredibly flavorful. It’s dark color stands out against the white meat of traditional American pork.

Our pure bread Berkshires are raised traditionally in order to develop the high fat content which makes the meat so well marbled and imbues it with a distinctly mature flavor.

We have eaten a lot of great beef and pork at some of the finest restaurants on the planet. And we think our beef and pork products are as good as any we have had anywhere. You can taste the difference.